MaGa Production was founded in 2010 by Massimo Ferrari and Gaia Capurso, after the valuable experience gained in Cinecittà where many documentaries on famous Italian actors and directors, TV series and documentary films were created and produced.
Our productions have received important national and international acclaims.


Massimo Ferrari

Graduated in 2001 at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Media Studies (110/110).
Employed in 2003 for the Italian Television Production House of Cinecittà -Cinecittà Entertainment, producing many documentaries on the great characters of Italian Cinema as Roberto Benigni,ÂSophia Loren, Nino Manfredi, Pietro Germi, Ugo Tognazzi and Alberto Sordi.
These documentaries have been broadcasted on Sky Cinema and have attended several Festivals like Festa del Cinema di Roma, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival.
In 2006 he becomes with Gaia Capurso Reponsible of the Documentary Area of Cinecittà Entertainment
For Sky Cinema writes and produces a docu-fiction called “Cinecittà Days”. Eighty episodes set in the Italian “Dolce Vita” of the “sixties” narrated by the eyes of a “paparazzo” . The editing interchanges reconstractions and archive videos of the Istituto Luce..
For Filmmaster Television as freelance produced two documentaries broadcasted on Sky Cinema about the directors Dino Risi and Steno.
For Mediaset (Rete 4) series of documentaries on the great characters of the Italian Entertainment business for the programme called “Vite Straordinarie” from Massimo Troisi to Mina, from Lucio Battisti to Rino Gaetano.
In 2008 with Gaia Capurso founded MaGa Production, for executive production of the projects.
For Filmmaster Television – in the sport field with MaGa production produced 7 monographies on the greatest footballplayers of A.S. Roma.
In 2010 with MaGa Production makes a docu-film, Lady Asl, about a very famous scandal in Roma.


Gaia Capurso

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.



MaGa Production S.A.S. di Gaia Capurso
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